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"So Surreal" by Tilley&Killawattz from Sybille Bauer on Vimeo.

Production / Script / Directing / Performance / Videoedit: Sybille Bauer
Camera: Sebastian Kreinecker
Executive Producer: Olga Flaum
Music by Tilley&Killawattz:

Hope you can spot my sense of homour in it. Enjoy.
No animals were harmed.

produced at the department for “Timebased Media” at the University of Art and Industrial Design in Linz, Austria

a gorgeous rabbit
Sybille Bauer
Matthias Kreinecker
Clarissa Metzger
Stefanie Schaufler
Maren Umdasch
Silke Umdasch

Special Thanks to

Spar Markt Aigner
Café Glockenspiel

A short video of inspirational & motivational quotes from Dave Humphrey’s YouTube channel

"When we are specific, we harness the power of our dreams and set forces into action that empower us to achieve our goals. We then know exactly what it is we are shooting for. I hope this short video encourages you to "Press On" and never give up on yourself and your goals."

You can follow Dave at


VelocitySales: Why I intend to leave Empire Avenue.


Empire Avenue started out off as fun! It was a good time, pure and simple. More than that, it had POTENTIAL. I feel that potential has been squandered.

What sort of potential? Big potential! It was a darling of the Social Media community. Of the content creators and curators. Of the connected. You don’t need to be a genius to see the potential for monetization that existed. Between advertising to the built in audience and the huge content opportunities, this should have been a no brainer.

ViSalus reports $104.3 Million Revenue In Q1 2013

ViSalus, known for its mission of helping people transform their health and fitness through the Body By Vi 90-Day Challenge, announced first quarter 2013 sales of $104.3 million compared to $136.7 million for the same period last year.

ViSalus had over 70,000 independent promoters at the end of the first quarter compared to over 92,000 independent promoters at the end of the prior year’s first quarter.

These are downward trends to the tune of -23.7% on revenues and -23.9% on promoters

Personally I was a little surprised to see such backwards momentum taking place, mainly due to my geography - you see I’m in the UK where ViSalus has literally just launched as a new market (it’s third after USA & Canada)

As a result I’ve been exposed to a huge amount of ViSalus activity, dozens of my personal and online contacts have jumped onboard the new-to-the-UK ViSalus opportunity and I’ve seen swathes of ViSalus content all over facebook and twitter recently.

What I had actually imagined was that all of this new activity and excitement would serve as a further boost to what I’d been led to believe was a rapidly expanding and booming business!

So it comes as a bit of a surprise to learn that all of this UK activity that I’ve seen has not even served to make up the shortfall in declining promoter numbers and revenues in the North American markets, let alone take the company forward.

These disappointing results come as rival Nu Skin, who are launching their own weight management program in October 2013, announce Q1 results with a very different flavor -

Nu Skin’s revenues were up an additional $88.092M to $550.1 million - an increase of +19.1%, and active distributor numbers grew an additional 142,000 to 1,002,000 compared to the same period in 2012 - growth of +16.5%

Network marketers (like most people) prefer to be a part of something that’s growing rather than declining, and with the upcoming product launch of the new ageLOC TR90 weight management program, I’m sure we will see continued growth throughout 2013 in both distributor numbers and revenues for Nu Skin as the predicted ‘biggest product launch in network marketing history’ comes closer - 1st week sales of the new TR90 program are being estimated as high as $700M

We will have to see if ViSalus’s newly launched Body By Vi90-Day Challenge initiative can turn the tide and reverse this recent decline in their fortunes.

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